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Our Story


Hello There and Welcome to The Red Shed & Byre 53!

Unique event spaces located in West Michigan


We are a family run venue housed on a centennial farm in Hudsonville, Michigan. We work together to manage events and make sure every detail is taken care of, while doing our best to offer hospitality and professionalism.  



 We sometimes say we are 'accidental wedding planners', but love every minute of it! Matt and Ashley spent a lot of time viewing different venues for their big day, but nothing seemed 'just right.' Jokingly one day, they discussed a wedding in the barn on the farm. This barn had always been referred to as "The Tool Shed." It was a large barn that had served many purposes in its 30+ years of existence. It was home to various farm animals, innumerable round bales and countless well-loved pieces of farm equipment. The Tool Shed had simply become a place to store junk. Turning it into a wedding venue would surely be an impossible task. But we are a pretty determined family and couldn't get over how unique this barn could be. 



After a few trips to the scrap yard, lots of sweeping, scrubbing and sweating, we finally had a place that looked presentable. We poured our hearts into the shed and made it what it is today. After the wedding was over, we didn't have the heart to put The Tool Shed back to its previous state. This unique place had to be shared. And so, The Red Shed was born! We are in constant awe of the opportunities this has brought and the amazing people we get to meet. We are most honored by the fact that we get to be host to so many beautiful events. God is good! 

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