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Quantity Guide

How much you need...


Half Barrel (Standard Size):

165 - 12 oz Beers


Quarter Barrel (Pony Keg):

82 – 12 oz Beers


Serving Cup Size Recommendation: 14-16 oz

When estimating mixer quantity, calculate 1.5 oz of liquor per drink and leave room for 3-4 oz of ice

2 Liters = 68 oz

Apprx 10-12 Mixed Drinks per 2 Liter


1 Gallon = 128 oz

Apprx 18-20 Mixed Drinks per Gallon


One bottle  serves

5-6 glasses of wine.


Plastic Cup Size Recommendation: 8-9 oz


Best drink on the bar menu!

We recommend between

2 and 2.5 bottles per person.


To avoid waste, we love the small bottles best!!!


Mixed drinks use around 1.5 oz of liquor per drink.


1/5th of Liquor:

 26 oz = 16 Drinks

Half Gallon of Liquor:

59 oz = 39 Drinks


Plastic Cup Size Recommendation: 12-14 oz

(This allows for an 9-11 oz drink with room for ice)


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