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House Rules

Follow the rules...


1. No Shots Allowed (trust us, you’ll thank us in the morning)

2. No Cash Bars (sorry, this is per state regulations-no exceptions to this rule)

3. All reception alcohol must be served from behind the bar by our bartenders. If your guests bring their own alcohol, we ask that they place it behind the bar and allow our fabulous bartenders to serve them. 


If alcohol is to be served, we require a special event liability policy. A $1M liability policy should be taken out for 2 days-the day of your event and the following day to ensure that any potential after midnight occurrences are covered. The Red Shed LLC needs to be listed on the policy. 

This policy can sometimes be added as a rider on a homeowners policy, or it can be purchased as a stand-alone policy.  Policies can be purchased either through your insurance agent or through Event Helper:


We provide tip certified bartenders, no need for you to hire your own.

Our bartender fee is $40 per bar hour.

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