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How Much Do I Buy?

How to know what's too much and what's not enough!

It's All Subjective

We’ve gathered tidbits from our experience with celebrations at The Red Shed and combined that with the “wisdom” of the online guru’s.


All of this data is a rough estimate and is extremely subjective.

You know your crowd best- please adjust as needed for the personality of your guests – beer lovers, wine lovers, light drinkers, heavy drinkers, etc.

Formula for # of Drinks

One Drink per Guest per hr.

X Number of  Bar Hours

Example: 250 guest with the bar open for 4 hours = 1000 total drinks


Breakdown the total number of estimated drinks by percentage for beer, wine and mixed drinks:


For example, if you have a full bar (beer, wine and mixed drinks), the mixed drinks typically go first. 

You could estimate 45% mixed drinks, 40% beer and 15% wine.


If it’s just beer and wine on the menu, you could consider 70-80% Beer and 20-30% Wine.

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