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Lauren & Gerrit 07.22.2017

Okay... maybe we went a little overboard with the number of photos in this blog post, but the joy of this couple is too infectious not to! Lauren and Gerrit were such a pleasure to work with from the first day they visited The Red Shed. Their vision for the day played out perfectly with a central focus on God's love and blessings. Their ceremony was emotionally charged and held in The Grove at The Red Shed. Later, their guests wore out the dance floor the whole night! Check out those moves! Honestly - the dance floor has never been so packed! And donuts for dessert - YUM! Check out the photos in the field later on; you wouldn't believe the dense fog that rolled in later in the night. So many thanks to Lauren, Gerrit, their families and friends. What a great night and a great group of people! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Van Klaveren, may your marriage be blessed for many years to come!

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